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When will it be over?

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Hubby took a leave off work yesterday so we can spend time with our Little Missy on her birthday. We decided to take her to the zoo since she has a complimentary pass from an easter event we attended months back. (Another post on that later after I upload the pics)

Before we headed off to the zoo, we dropped by my mom’s house to see if she wanted to come, but instead, she reminded us to take care driving. Why? Last Wednesday, my brother was in excruciating pain. He’s not one to just complain, he had very high tolerance when it comes to pain. After hours of trying not to make it a big deal and a lot of bending, crying and rolling on the bed and floor, early Thursday morning he told my mom he couldn’t take it anymore. He begged to be taken to the hospital. Since my mom had no car, she asked if they could borrow hubby’s car, and that it would be driven by my brother-in-law who lives with them so hubby wouldn’t be troubled and get enough rest for work. Hubby said yes and they picked up the car.

To cut the long story short, my brother stayed in the ER for 4 hours but he’s responding to medications and the car was returned in good condition. The thing is, when we passed by my mom’s house yesterday, she specifically said for us to drive safely because she was concerned about a couple of things she heard coming from the car the day they borrowed it.

Come on, we just had the car repaired! It was last month when hubby took it to an auto repair shop and he spent about a couple of hundred dollars! They even kept the car in the shop for 3 days because they said they made sure they checked everything. Hubby was there when they started looking at the gauges to check engine light, fuel and oil gauges, etc. But since they said it would take long to check everything else, hubby agreed to leave the car with them to make sure they checked everything.

They ended up replacing a lot of parts that racked up our bill in the end. So I was surprised when my mom said she still heard a lot of things that would seem something was wrong. I admit, our car isn’t new, it’s been in service for 17 years! It isn’t even manufactured now. But since we love how it has been with us all these years, and how minimal repairs were done early on, we’re thinking of getting another one just like it. It doesn’t go by the same name now. The manufacturer now calls it’s model type a Toyota Camry, that’s what they replaced the Toyota Corona EX Saloon with. Hopefully, by next year, we get to have it already, that way, hubby’s car of 17 years will enjoy it’s well-deserved vacation. Nope, we won’t get rid of it, we actually plan to restore it, at its finest, because we value our Queenie (it is a Corona so thus the name) so much.

I just hope that while we’re saving up, all these repairs will be over. Just hang in there Queenie, just a little more please.

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Countdown to 2

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In 3 days, at exactly 6:36pm, my little girl will be 2 years old.

I still remember years ago, when we had a hard time conceiving. We tried a lot of different things just to have a child, and when we gave up, God gave us His precious gift. This is when I really felt in my heart that he chose the right time.

The very first thing we decided to buy was her playard. Although I knew she would be a girl, I still wanted something neutral so we opted for something in denim and brown. I love it as soon as I saw it. Then the salesperson said they had a bassinet stroller of the same color, plus an attachment for a car seat. We thought about it for days but had it reserved. It broke our wallet but it was worth it. We used the detachable bassinet until she was comfortable lifting her head, the carseat doubled as her high chair and the stroller, we still use until now.

This was the most memorable “shopping spree” I had before having a baby. All I felt was contentment, excitement and anticipation. But months after she was born, the same stroller was used to wheel her into her Pediatrician’s office. It was for her ear piercing.

A lot of people told me to not have her ears pierced, to just let her decide when she comes of age. Personally, I would have liked that. But as someone who had her ears pierced as a baby, I had second thoughts. I can’t thank my parents enough for having my ears pierced when I was only months old. It probably really hurt, but I was too young to remember so I have never been traumatized by needles. This was what led me to decide to have her ears pierced at 5 months. She actually took it pretty well. She just cried when the doctor held her lobes but when he let go, she only cried for a couple of seconds.

Sadly, those earrings got lost when she was about 14 months old. We had to buy her another set but that didn’t go too well. We thought she could handle the regular ones but the ends were too sharp and she kept scratching. To this day, she still wears those baby screw back earrings type. Come to think of it, I should buy her a new one… as a birthday gift.

But, she has more on her mind nowadays than earrings. She has been particularly fond of animals, especially monkeys. I guess it might be because of her Curious George books. She just loves him! It’s actually why we’ve been buying her monkey baby clothes since before she turned 1. And, as a treat to her, we might take her to the zoo on Friday. We thought it’s high time for her to see a real monkey. I really hope our trip to the zoo pushes through. If it does, I’ll let you know what happens to her… and the monkeys.

Oh well… thanks so much for reading. Thanks for sharing with me my fondest memories of her “baby-hood”. Once she turns 2, I’m pretty sure time will fly even faster… and yes, I know about the Terrible Two stage. I say, bring it on!

Any tips for me on how to handle a possible terrible two?

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Wishing you love forever

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Last Saturday, we attended a wedding. The groom, Will, is a friend of 5 years, but one that I’ve never met. He’s from Canada and I met him online through chat.

I was so elated to know that he finally found the perfect woman in Myla (a beautiful, wonderful, generous Filipina) last year and that they got married in Canada last December. Since they still wanted to celebrate their love here in the Philippines, they again planned for another wedding.

Since his parents couldn’t come, another friend from chat stood as his acting parents. Like Will, I also met Sue, from Australia, in the same chatroom. Since then, all three of us have been chatting on and off. I was so glad that they came over to the Philippines. I finally met 2 of my closest online friends.

Anyhow, the wedding was beautiful. During the ceremony, I felt… the love. One can see the love between Will and Myla, literally. The air was fresh, amidst the heat and humidity, because it seemed like it was just the 2 of them. Although there were bridesmaids, photographers, the pastor, etc., they only had eyes for each other and whatever it was that was left unsaid, we understood by how they looked at each other. Their smiles were heartfelt, their eyes twinkling the whole time. They just seemed so happy, so in love.

Will and Mai, I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. May you continue to stay in love, forever and ever. I know you can’t live with love alone, but with love, you make each other stronger to live through everything that life throws at you.

… and Will, I appreciate you saying, during the photo op, that your family, means my family (which is why you had my hubby and little girl called). I know you know by now how family means so much to as Fils, so I sincerely appreciate the gesture.

To Ross and Sue, I meant what I said that your marriage is something to be envied. I will forever remember you two. I will forever hope that my marriage will be as happy as yours. Thank you for showing me that smiling hearts and twinkling eyes are not only for the day of the wedding.. but until forever after. P.S. Sue, my little girl demands her own bouquet! She’s been asking since that night lol 😛

Thanks so much for reading. Stay in love everyone and have a great week!

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