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My Sister and Hospitals

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My sister hates hospitals. Let’s just say that she’s never had a nice experience with hospitals all her life. I know you only go to hospitals when you’re sick and of course it will never be a nice experience, and that’s not what I meant. What I meant was that every time she goes to the ER, it takes them more than 2 hours before the initial check-up.

I’ve tried explaining to her that it’s because they prioritize based on the sense of urgency. Of course the more life-threatening symptoms would always be looked at first. I know sometimes it’s unreasonable to wait 2 hours, especially if 4 rounds of patients have been checked before you, but if that’s the way it is, then that’s the way it always will be. I just usually nag them after 2 hours to have tests done already because if they did the first hour, the results would be in by the 2nd hour.

Yesterday afternoon she complained of severe pain in her right abdominal area that extended to her back. She usually tolerates pain well but this one she couldn’t take anymore. My other sister called me to let me know so that I can decide on the matter since my mom was out. I called my cousin and asked a favor to drive my sister to the ER. While they were preparing, my other sister and her husband rode the motorcycle to look for my mom. They found her after a couple of minutes, she was walking on her way home from a Church meeting.

My mom and sister got to the hospital around 7:15pm. At 7:30 they had her in a private ER Room (wow, just 15 minutes in the Triage!!) and had already scheduled for CT scans. By 8:00pm she was wheeled in the CT Scan/X-Ray area and was done in minutes, the staff also processed her papers for confinement. By 9pm her results were out and at 9:30pm she was in her private room.

I think with this experience my sister will actually see hospitals in a new light. She will understand why people had to wait 2 hours… because of cases like hers last night. The nurses and doctors checked her right away because she was literally writhing in pain. They had to rule out appendicitis and kidney/gall stones.

As of this writing, her scans came out negative. Her urinalysis had traces of stone but nothing conclusive. She is still under observation though because another theory was that her sugar was too high (she’s a Diabetic) and the formation of acids in her digestive track was just too strong yesterday (I hope I explained or termed that correctly).

We’re going to visit her in a couple of hours. They already allowed her to eat, though to start she will be on a liquid diet. At least she won’t be all mad and crazy of hunger when we get there.

My Sister and Hospitals… a whole new light. I hope she’ll be fine and released soon. And, I hope she does follow a strict diet and be more active this time, she’s majorly obese.

Have a great Saturday. What will keep you busy today?

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Happy Thanksgiving to all

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I know the year isn’t over yet, and even if I’m not in the USA I’d like to share what I’m thankful for.

  1. My hubby – For working so hard just to give us the life he thinks we deserve. I don’t ask for a lot but he has high expectations. He believes that “When you shoot for the moon and end up short, you’ll end up among the stars.” I thank him for providing our needs and for always sticking up for us.
  2. My little Missy – For sharing her eyes. Through her eyes, I learned to view the world in a whole new perspective. Also, for teaching me how to live, how to laugh, and how not to take things for granted.
  3. For being a stay-at-home. I have never regretted giving up my career to take care of my little girl. With this new lifestyle, I have learned how it is behind the scenes and be grateful for everything my mother did for us. She was a stay-at-home mom too. My hope now is that I become or at least be able to accomplish half of what she has done for our family.
  4. My mother, siblings, grandmother and godmother – For being with me every step of the way. From pregnancy to now, they are always “on-call” for anything I might need. I can always rely on them for everything, looking after little Missy when I have to go to the hospital, repairing furniture and appliances, cleaning house when my helper left… everything!
  5. The Blogosphere – I only started blogging this March but I am thankful for everything I have accomplished. I have managed to earn a little extra for our needs and the blessing keep on coming. I also thank everyone I have met up with through blogging for teaching me new things. Be it technical (about html or coding), to writing or money making techniques, I am grateful for the knowledge, time, and patience you have shared with me.
  6. For my online friends (HML, OCB, BC). Being in different countries certainly didn’t stop us from sharing stories and tips. Thank you for sharing your life with us and for making ours extra special. Thank you for the surprise gifts and most especially, your support during the times we needed it. You will forever be my extended family from afar :)
  7. Lastly, and most importantly, to God Almighty, for making all this possible.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Wherever you are, I know you’re thankful for something in your life. Be safe and more blessings to come for all of us.

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Black Friday Special from Nutrition 53

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*This is not a paid or sponsored ad. I just wanted to share :)

It’s great to be in the USA this week! Lots of ongoing Sale and great Black Friday Deals. Unfortunately, I am not in the USA but I wanted to share this deal with those who may be able to use it.

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