How to Subscribe in a Reader or Email

If the link goes directly to Email subscription (or you chose to have it delivered by email from the link above), this is what you’ll see.
Subscribe by Email

Type in the email address where you want the daily/weekly update is to be sent and hit SUBSCRIBE. Once you hit subscribe, you will be asked to confirm via a captcha code (see box below).  The orange boxes will contain the email address you entered previously.
Email Subscription Captcha

After successfully entering the Captcha code, you will be brought to this window.
Check Email to confirm window

Log in to your email account (the one you used to subscribe) and you should get something similar to this message:
Email message to confirm subscription

When you open the message, you will see this message in full. Click on the blue link to confirm your subscription. THIS WILL VALIDATE YOUR ENTRY. ANY UNCONFIRMED SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE DEEMED INVALID TO WIN THE GIVEAWAY.
Email Confirmation Link

Clicking on the link in the message will take you to this message, which also means you have successfully confirmed your subscription. The red box should show your email address.
Email subscription confirmed


If the link goes to the RSS feed, this is what you’ll see.
Subscribe in a Reader

You can choose your reader (in the red box) and enter your credentials for Google or Yahoo reader, then leave the account email address you used to subscribe. If you win through this entry, you may also be asked to submit a print screen of your reader showing that your have subscribed.

If you choose to have it delivered by email, just click on the link on the green box and it should take you the first option above.

Then you are done!

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